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  1.  Some discussion of the Sovrin Foundation plan and future.
    1. Lots of core people need jobs!  These are core contributors the Hyperledger community will really miss.
  2. Outstanding PRs/RFCs:
    1. Two simple ones that were easy to discuss.
    2. Bug fixes/ease of use stuff.
  3. Encryption:
    1. Do we need CCA encryption?
    2. Do we even need general public key encryption?
      1. Most people are just using KE + symmetric key encryption.
    3. We probably don't need it.
  4. Discussion of hash to curve.
    1. Mike would like better hash to curve functions.
  5. Discussion of Rust/Go Interfaces.
  6. Discussion of new signatures.
    1. Thresholdable issuance and verification.
    2. "Toll booth" application.
  7. PAKE Discussion

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