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  1. To be or just 1B, that is the question
    1. Discuss our philosophy on the library scope / features. Maybe a microcosm of the "what is hyperledger" discussion we have constantly in the TSC. Do we want redundant systems or should we be defining a minimal set of systems that provides all intended features? Thinking of this particularly for zmix where we will often be taking on newer / higher risk implementations. The PS RFC may be a good concrete example to work through. How does the breadth of scope impact the overall security and API consistency of the library(ies). 
  2. Outstanding PRs.
  3. RFC Discussion
  4. Upcoming maintainer summit discussion:  who is attending, and what do we want to work on?
  5. Global forum:  should we submit Ursa talks?
  6. What pairings implementations are we using / providing?
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