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  1. Discussion on hardware meeting/discussion for the future.  TODO:  Jon to start with a draft API.
  2. Overleaf and discussion on how to write APIs.  We discussed the encryption API philosophy.
  3. Discussion of the recent pull request on performance benchmarking.  Manu brought up the fact that some of the performance numbers were a little bit odd.
    1. People going to take a look offline.  Might be creating unnecessary contexts–this is in fact the case, as verified by Lovesh.  Dan M will ask for an update.
    2. Looks like a good contribution overall.
  4. Discussion of an Ursa roadmap.
    1. Mike L:  desire encryption, language bindings.
    2. Possible hardware stuff?  More work for Jon!
      1. Attestation?  Perhaps it is best to do it out of band.
      2. Lots of questions about attestation.
    3. Where to keep roadmap information?
      1. In the long run:  Jira.  In the short run, a wiki article.
      2. Need timeframes, names, and motivations for roadmap priorities.
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