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  1. Outstanding pull requests:
    1. Documentation pull request–seems to make sense.
    2. Mike:  tweaks in Ursa error handling.  Found a bug in OpenSSL big number library!
    3. Need to speed up time for reviewing pull requests.
    4. Encryption API/other APIs–Dan had some good comments
  2. Dave H:  Gitlab-CI builders
  3. David B:  Rust/Go interfaces causing some issues.  Needs work.
  4. Advanced signature discussion:  what do we need, and what APIs are necessary?
    1. Aggregate signatures, multisignatures, threshold signatures.
    2. Mike:  tests on Zcash vs Milagro pairing libraries
    3. TODO:  Hart writes an advanced signature API RFC.
  5. Zmix Discussion:  Dan:  what are our priorities?
    1. Dave H:  we should roadmap Ursa out to 1.0.
  6. Discussed foreign function interface for lib-ursa, and interface to Fabric through golang. We have agreement at this stage to try different alternatives and learn which is best for our needs. Mike, Maryam, DH and DB to pursue next steps

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