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Hart Montgomery

Dan Anderson

Lovesh H

Mike Lodder

Nathan George

Zhenhua Zhao

Brent Zundel

Cam Parra

Meeting Notes

  1.  Discussion of outstanding pull requests (Mike).
  2. Minor question about a merged PR

  3. Discussion of a v0.1 for Ursa so that we can move towards production.
    1. We don't have a lot of formalism or documentation in place, but hopefully a v0.1 will help get the ball rolling on this for future adoption.
  4. Discussion on WASM interface.
  5. Pull request protocol/more maintainer discussion.
    1. General discussion on best coding practices for a cryptography project.
  6. Dan Anderson led a discussion on performance issues.
    1. Optimized code vs general rust code.
  7. Encryption API Discussion
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