Total Labs: 24 (20 active, 4 archived)

Overall Health

We have attracted many new contributions, most of the existing labs have continued activity.

Contributions to the labs continue to flow in not only from people associated with the larger projects, but also from newer participants.

Some labs are suffering from a lack of attention. Several labs have not had any commits this year, and are in the process of being archived.

We are also exploring the different metrics around commit frequency to surface the community health of the labs in general and individual labs in particular. We are open to suggestions on how to improve the labs on-boarding, especially from contributors who have gone through the acceptance process.

Activity Since Last Report

  • Labs proposed: 13

  • Labs proposals accepted: 11 (see new labs this half)

  • Labs archived: 2
  • Labs proposals in process: 2 (Open PRs)

  • Labs proposals out of scope/withdrawn: 0

  • Labs graduated to project: 1 (TCF is now Avalon)

New Labs Since Last Report

Lab NameDescriptionCreatedPRs mergedLast Commit
Blockchain Automation Framework
An automation framework for rapidly and consistently deploying production-ready DLT platforms16-OCT-20194421-NOV-2019
Blockchain Integration FrameworkA new approach to the blockchain interoperability problem21-OCT-201911

Patient ConsentUse Case Patient Data in Clinical Trials Automation with focus of Patient Consent07-OCT-2019207-NOV-2019
Hyperledger Fabric Block Archiving
Reduce the total amount of storage space required for an organisation to operate a Hyperledger Fabric network by archiving block data into repository.09-OCT-2019512-NOV-2019
GardenerAn open source Blockchain Oracle implementation.07-OCT-2019

Byzantine ConfigHyperledger Fabric Network Configuration Manager allowing configuration blocks to be created to add Organizations, and update network configuration properties.01-MAY-2019521-OCT-2019
Hyperledger Fabric Consortium ManagementChaincode based application to manage Fabric Consortium memberships30-JUL-2019108-AUG-2019
Hyperledger Fabric Based Access ControlA Hyperledger Fabric Based Access Control system to mediate access control flow from centralized applications.12-JUN-20195

Inter Carrier Settlements
Telecom network operators worldwide open their networks to each other to enable their mutual customers to communicate across network boundaries.15-AUG-2019114-NOV-2019
Hyperledger Fabric WebAssembly chaincodeIntegrate WebAssembly in Hyperledger Fabric18-SEP-20191214-NOV-2019
Blockchain Analyzer
Create a tool for visualizing and analyzing Hyperledger Fabric ledgers 06-SEP-20192010-NOV-2019

Existing Labs

Lab NameDescriptionCreatedTotal PRs mergedPRs merged (last report)Last Commit
SPartsThe Software Parts (SParts) lab delivers a Sawtooth-based ledger that provides both accountability and access to the open source components used in the construction of a software part. A software part is any software component (e.g., library, application, container or an entire operating system runtime) that is comprised of between 0% and 100% open source.Mar 12, 2018474706-May-2018
fabric-chrome-extensionThis is a Fabric Chrome extension paired with a Javascript API. Users should be able to use the Chrome Extension to authenticate to a Fabric network.Jun 7, 2018141429-Aug-2018
milk-donorThis lab hold the code base for a blockchain build focused on solving market problems identified in the donor milk ecosystem.Aug 3, 20183301-Oct-2018
solidity2chaincodeThis tool converts Solidity contract into Javascript chaincode through source-to-source translation for running them onto Hyperledger Fabric.Nov 12, 20184406-Dec-2018
fabric-multi-channel-network-samplesThis lab provides samples for multi channel network using Hyperledger Fabric.Nov 26, 20183319-Dec-2018
fabric-vms-provisionThis entry will provide an example on how to provision, using Ansible, Hyperledger Fabric native binaries on multiple Softlayer vms. A build your second network example.Oct 12, 20184404-Jan-2019
payments-performance-test-harnessa test harness designed to measure the performance of payments between peers on a blockchain network.2018-Dec-042205-Jan-2019
private-transaction-familiesprovides a mechanism for privacy over Hyperledger Sawtooth by enforcing a policy of access control to the ledger.2019-Jan-26201918-Jul-2019
cordentityThe Cordentity app integrates Hyperledger Indy capabilities into the opensource Corda platform.Nov 27, 2018191505-Aug-2019
umbraThis lab is to make running Hyperledger distributed ledgers under the Shadow simulator possible. It began as a research internship during the summer of 2018 and seeks to provide a tool for doing research on consensus algorithms, smart contracts, scaling and other blockchain related research topics.Nov 1, 20184328-Aug-2019
convectorConvector is a Model/Controller fullstack JavaScript framework to improve and speed up the development experience of clean, scalable and robust Smart Contract Systems.2019-Feb-08484003-Sep-2019
nephosPython library and Helm charts for deployment of Hyperledger Fabric to Kubernetes.2019-Feb-25241604-Oct-2019
fabric-private-chaincodeThis lab enables Secure Chaincode Execution using Intel SGX for Hyperledger Fabric.Aug 27, 2018684308-Oct-2019
minbftImplementation of MinBFT consensus protocol.Jul 31, 2018453415-Oct-2019
byzantine-configGUI based executable application that allows Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) configuration blocks to be viewed and updated transactions created for channel configuration, adding new organizations, and generating crypto material.2019-Feb-255421-Oct-2019
sawtooth-healthcarea blockchain application built on Hyperledger Sawtooth, allowing clinics to keep history regarding patients health and claims on the blockchain2019-Jan-0322322-Oct-2019
private-data-objectsThe Private Data Objects lab provides technology for confidentiality-preserving, off-chain smart contracts.Mar 2, 201815014829-Oct-2019
hyperledger-fabric-based-access-controlA Hyperledger Fabric Based Access Control system to mediate access control flow from centralized applications.2019-Jun-085119-Nov-2019
hyperledger-community-management-toolsTools used to manage and evaluate the Hyperledger Community.Sep 19, 2018322220-Nov-2019
solangA Solidity to WASM compiler written in rust2019-Jan-2913420-Nov-2019
fabric-docs-cnA lab to translate the Fabric documentation to ChineseAug 3, 201820014021-Nov-2019

Labs that contributed to full-time projects

Lab NameDescription
crypto-libA lab for experimentation on creating shared cryptography modules for cross-project collaboration. Added to Ursa
z-mixz-mix will offer a generic way to create Zero-Knowledge proofs, proving statements about multiple cryptographic building blocks, containing signatures, commitments, and verifiable encryption. z-mix facilitates. Added to Ursa
trusted-compute-frameworkThe Trusted Compute Framework (TCF) enables privacy in blockchain transactions, moving intensive processing from a main blockchain to improve scalability and latency, and to support attested Oracles. Avalon is a continuation of this.

Archived Labs

Lab NameDescriptionArchived Date
Proof of Elapsed Time 2Proof of Elapsed Time 2 (PoET2) is an experimental new protocol for Consensus based on PoET22-NOV-2019
Hyperledger Fabric Lightweight ClientEnable lightweight (IoT) devices to act as a Lightweight (Hyperledger Fabric) clients22-NOV-2019

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