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Playbacks are intended to allow contributors to present a proposal or provide progress on a particular feature, to get feedback from the community. There will be a best effort to hold these on Tuesdays at 10:00 - 11:00 EST to accommodate different geos and work week schedules. You can propose topics on the Fabric mailing list or #fabric-maintainers.

We ask the presenter to post any session notes or follow-up items as comments to the respective Jira items.

Please look for web conference information in the #fabric-playbacks channel prior to meeting starting.

UPDATE: Since mid-2019, proposals/playbacks are typically opened in fabric-rfcs repository and then brought to a Contributor Meeting rather than in a separate playback meeting.

Old Wiki

DateTime (EST)TopicPresenterRecording
Nov 13, 201710:00 - 11:00Identity MixerMaria Dubovitskaya, Manu DrijversID Mixer Recording
Nov 14, 201710:00 - 11:00Distinguish MSP Identity TypesAngelo De CaroDistinguish MSP Identity Types Recording
Nov 20, 201710:00 - 11:00Non-derterminism during validationJay Guo
Nov 21, 201710:00 - 11:00Attribute-Based Access ControlKeith Smith
Mar 20, 201810:00 - 11:00Improving the consistency and flexibility of the Fabric Code baseMatthew Sykes
Mar 26, 201810:00 - 11:00Pluggable endorsement and validationYacov ManevichVideo Location
Mar 27, 201810:00 - 11:00Finalize SideDB including collection updatesManish SethiVideo Location
Mar 28, 201810:00 - 11:00Finalize experimental Fabric ACL featureJason YellickVideo Location
Apr 3, 201810:00 - 11:00State-based endorsementAle SorniottiVideo Location
Apr 6, 201810:00 - 11:00Idemix CA integration & RevocationAnilkumar Ambati, Maria DubovitskayaVideo Location
Apr 9, 201810:00 - 11:00Service DiscoveryYacov ManevichVideo Location
May 7, 201810:00 -11:00V1.2 Test StrategyLatitia HaskinsVideo Location
May 14, 201810:00 - 11:00Private Data playbackDave EnyeartVideo Location
July 24, 201810:00 - 10:45State-based endorsement (final design review)Ale SorniottiVideo Location
July 24, 201810:45 - 11:30Identity Mixer MSP updatesMaria Dubovitskaya, Manu DrijversVideo Location
July 25, 201810:00 - 11:00SDK Programming model updatesAndrew ColemanVideo Location
July 25, 201811:00 - 11:30Java ChaincodeGennady LaventmanVideo Location
July 25, 201811:30 - 12:00Private Data - reconciliationNir Rozenbaum, Manish SethiVideo Location
July 26, 201811:00 - 11:45Burrow EVMSwetha RepakulaVideo Location
July 30, 201810:00 - 10:45Chaincode LifecycleJason YellickVideo Location
July 31, 201810:00 - 10:45Enhanced Concurrency ControlSheehan AndersonVideo Location
July 31, 201810:45 - 11:30Fabric CLI Design ReviewBrian BuchananVideo Location
Aug 1, 201810:00-11:00CI and build updatesRamesh ThoomuVideo Location
Aug 2, 201810:00-11:00Raft consensusKostas ChristidisVideo Location
Aug 14, 201810:00-11:30Token Management in Fabric (clientpeercommitting peer)Elli A., Mathias B., Angelo D., Kaoutar E.Video Location
Oct 25,201810:00 - 11:00Service Discovery PlaybackYacov Manevich, Bret HarrisonVideo Location
Nov 14th 201810-10:45Contract & Transaction MetadataMatthew WhiteVideo Location
Nov 29th 201810:00 - 10:45Interoperability Testing Playback (CI-based changesTest Impact)Latitia HaskinsVideo Location
Nov 29th16:00 - 17:00Operational MetricsMatt SykesVideo Location
Dec 5th 201810:00 - 11:00CI Overview and Pipeline changesRamesh Babu ThoomuVideo Location
Jan 8, 20199:00-10:00Raft consensusJay GuoVideo Location
Jan 14, 201911:00 - 12:00LifecycleJason YellickVideo Location
Jan 15, 201910:00 - 11:00Token Management
Angelo De CaroVideo Location
Jan 16, 20199:00 - 10:00 Fabric Management ProposalKai Chen , Hongwei PengVideo Location
Jan 17, 201911:00 - 12:00 Burrow EVM supportSwetha Repakula, Morgan BauerVideo Location
Jan 24, 20199:00 - 10:00Lifecycle - Node.js SDK supportBret Harrison
Jan 29, 201910:00 - 10:45FastFabric: Scaling Hyperledger Fabric to 20,000 Transactions per SecondChristian Gorenflo (The Sirius Research Group - University of Waterloo Location
Jan 29, 201910:45 - 11:30Fabric CLI RedesignBrian BuchananVideo Location
Feb 5, 201910:00-11:00Fabric Programming ModelAndrew Coleman, Simon StoneVideo Location
Feb 6, 20199:30-10:15Peer and Chaincode cloud native deployment supportBinh NguyenVideo Location
Feb 20, 20199:30-10:00

Lifecycle V2.0 with CLI

Will LahtiVideo Location
Feb 26, 201910:00-11:15Fabric token playback and chaincode interoperability reviewAngelo De Caro, Wenjian QiaoVideo Location
Feb 28, 201910:00-11:00Fabric DesktopYi DengVideo Location
Mar 12, 201910:00-11:00Enhanced Concurrency ControlAnil Ambati, Sheehan AndersonVideo Location
Apr 2, 201910:00-11:00Interoperability: Atomic commit of transactions between channels and networksPraveen JayachandranVideo Location
Apr 23, 201910:00-11:00

Interoperability working group report

Fabric Interop Working Group

Tong Li (IBM), David Paul Dornseifer (SAP), Dennis Kuhnert (SAP)Video Location
March 23, 2020
Fabric v2.0 - Decentralized Chaincode Lifecycle ManagementJason YellickVideo Location

All times are US Eastern.

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