The short term roadmap can be viewed as a list of GitHub issues with Epic label with more details presented as a Zenhub board. New features are proposed and discussed through an RFC process, new RFCs from the community are welcome. Typically Epics are created after an RFC is approved and merged.

Longer term priorities that have not yet gone through the RFC process are discussed in the community and in contributor meetings, new ideas are welcome in either forum.

The Hyperledger Fabric maintainers produce minor releases to deliver the release themes on the roadmap as they become ready. Other improvements and fixes are delivered as patch releases against the most recent long-term support release and latest release.

See prior release notes for release history and content. Prior release documentation can be found in the documentation links.

Current roadmap priorities

Fabric v2.5 (delivered March 2023)

Fabric v3.0 (in development)

Fabric v3.x potential future items

  • Binary chaincode builder - replace default docker builder
  • Optimize block storage, e.g. de-duplication of certs

  • Replace Goleveldb with faster database

  • Validation/Commit path performance improvements
  • Orderer snapshots RFC - similar to peer snapshots introduced in v2.3
  • Block archive and prune - peer and orderer

  • Quantum safe crypto

Release agnostic items (not tied to a specific release)

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