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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: 2020 01 31 DWG Agenda


Agenda for this week:

  • V2.0 release status: Pam/Joe–
    • Fabric 2.0 GA'd!
    • Reminder: While the Fabric CA server remains a preferred and tested certificate authority for Hyperledger Fabric, a new major release of Fabric CA will not be released at this time, since none of the new Fabric features required Fabric CA changes. Fabric CA will remain at v1.4.x for the time being.
    • Documentation Maintainers process has now been implemented/Reviewers are also being added.
  • Migration walk through (Joe)
  • Fabric documentation style guide
  • Introductory topics review
  • New Deployment Guide status
  • Cherry picking doc updates to other branches
  • MSP Key Concept status (Pam) -


  1. Release Status - Pam
    1. Release on Wednesday
    2. Blog post on Thursday -
    3. No Fabric CA release
    4. Working on content for future releases
      1. Will be covered on next week's call
    5. New documentation process merged and live
      1. 2.0 and Master working now
      2. Feels much more productive
      3. Adding reviewers with Brett
      4. Lots more changes going into documentation – improved awareness and visibility
    6. Style guide discussion – see agenda!
    7. Fabric CA binaries are differently located --
  2. Migration walk-through  - Joe
    1. Upgrading to the latest release is completely new for V2
    2. Topic is
    3. Version to version highlighted
    4. Major migration 4 steps/categories
    5. More coverage on channel configuration
    6. includes editing a configuration
    7. Discussion on CA
    8. Demo offer for Chris next week, relevant to deployment guide
  3. Style Guide - Joe
    1. Need for one is necessary and agreed by the team
    2. Let the guide emerge organically based on maximum iout
    3. New topic for style guide
    4. Primed with Joe's excellent starting list - this will be the initial list
    5. Helps new contributors having a style guide
  4. Introductory topic review - Nik
    1. Review of different intro sections
    2. Spreadsheet makes overlaps clear
    3. Missing features are also apparent from this work
    4. Business view is also important; the case for a permissioned blockchain – quite distinctive
    5. Looks like an opportunity to remove content. Some content needs to stay as is.
    6. Combine into one topic over time using Nik's analysis
    7. Identity should be higher priority
    8. Order of introduction is important
    9. Functional and operational before qualities of fabric like permissioned, secure, modular etc
    10. Should make context of new user clear, or test vs production
    11. Iterative approach is important
    12. Nik discussed first step to this, which was agreed
  5. Other topics moved to next week

Video of this week's session at: Recordings

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