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Agenda for this week:


  1. V2 release
    1. Wednesday release date
    2. Fixing broken doc links
    3. Still some links to Fabric code to master branch -  will be linked using a symbolic variable. One-off activity to use symbolic link
    4. PR submitted for new docs process. Being merged as no objections!
    5. Can cherry pick anything that needs to be added to 2.0
    6. Request for 2.1 dashboard! 
      1. Config updates are only items right now
      2. Request on fab token
      3. Comments on pruning and archive
    7. Move to quarterly releases for 2020
    8. SDK 2.0 at same time for Java and go.  V2 beta for node.js contains with new fabric-admin APIs.
  2. New test network overview
    1. Documentation at
    2. Samples at
    3. Overview of folder structure
    4. Quick script walk-through
    5. Note – this  a test network, not production.
      1. e.g. can use cryptogen or Fabric CA, but e.g. doesn't use a TLS CA
    6. Walk-through of network commands
    7. Test network is for V2.0 networks, no 1.x versions.
    8. Walk-through of Fabric CA for register and enroll. CA for each org
    9. Created orderer
    10. Create a channel and then demo multiple channels!
    11. Doesn't use docker container for CLI
    12. deploy chaincode, with selected channel
    13. Will add typescript later, currenlty fabcar go
    14. Walks through new approval process
    15. Also demoed Java
    16. Demos FabCar against test network
    17. Shows wallet clean up process
    18. Quick discussion to move CP to network this from basic network
    19. Confirmed for Jim and Chris that it's in V2.0
    20. Bonus step to add another org
    21. and bring down the network
  3. New deployment guide
    1. Goal is to replace BYFN.
    2. 4 different areas, include new deployment guide
    3. Includes lots of content
      1. Process overview
      2. CA commands for TLSCA, RootCA ICA...
      3. Peer commands
      4. Ordering Services commands
      5. Channels etc commands
    4. Jim discussion on Planning Guide vs Day 2 and operations
    5. Guidance and consideration. High level "how to".
    6. Really helps with production adoption
    7. Check list is a good idea
    8. Draft PR available soon from Joe!
    9. YAML files are well documented.  Address other issues.
    10. Jim: Tutorials for CouchDB butnot  CouchBase. No proposal  for this yet.
      1. might be worth posing on mailing list?

Video of this week's session at: Recordings

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