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Agenda for this week:

  • V2.0 release status: Pam/Joe–
    • Fabric 2.0 GA:
      • Dave will create a release-2.0 fabric branch end of this week, to start the v2.0 close down and open up v2.x dev in master. We are targeting Jan 29th for final v2.0 release
      • Nik has updated CouchDB (merged), Private Data Tutorial, Add an Org tutorial (draft) to new Test Network
  • Ledger API (Matthew White)
  • Commercial Paper Tutorial doc updates (Nik)
  • BYFN Replacement/New Deployment Guide status (Nik/Joe/Pam)
  • MSP Key Concept status (Pam) - Draft tag has been removed. See it here:


  1. Release status
    1. Starting to shut down 2.0 content
    2. Nothing new being proposed
    3. Nik working on updating tutorials to use test network
      1. CouchDB, PDC, AddOrg tutorials
      2. Subsequent add channel and deploy smart contract
    4. New deployment guide also being worked as part of V2 continuation
    5. Post on mailing list about documentation maintainers group
      1. no comments, objections, feedback etc.  Working with Brett in parallel to implement.
      2. Up and live target date is near-term, Feb 2020.
    6. SDKs will be released simultaneously.
  2. Ledger API
    1. See video recording.
    2. Helpful links
    3. Topic charts as follows
      1. Why a ledger API?
      2. Conceptual architecture
      3. An example ledger
        1. Jim Mason: logical and physical models can help. Emphasize this as a logical model.
      4. Ledger relationships
      5. Logical model
      6. fabric-ledger-API
        1. Chris Gabriel and Jim Mason comments:
          1. Scalable for enterprise
          2. Interoperable
          3. Present business reason for adoption
          4. Ledger API is about a strong programming model to store business objects
          5. Jim Mason reinforces value of business object model to adopt existing business processes rather than rip and replace (CG)
      7. RFC overview and walk-through:
        1. code walk-through and discussion on idioms
        2. put/get
        3. query
        4. StateHistory
        5. Jim Mason, similar like GraphQL - makes life simpler for programmers
        6. reference walk-through
        7. Quick RFC overview (future session)
        8. Jim Mason on spread operator. See as an example!
          1. Easier to learn, test and validate
      8. Brief look at future iterations
        1. Object serialization
        2. Constraints
      9. Will be updating samples to reflect the new ledger APIs
      10. Commercial paper will be "goto" example for ledger API
      11. Jim Mason – ledger API provides big incentive for V2 uptake
      12. Don't need to migrate wholesale, can adopt piecemeal
      13. Due for 2.1 delivery, iteratively
  3. Commercial Paper Network updates (Nik)
    1. Look to exploit test network in CP tutorial
    2. Better to focus just on smart contract and app
    3. Future working session on this
  4. Introductory material rationalization discussion

Video of this week's session at: Recordings

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