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This week's agenda:

  1. Administrivia: New meeting calendar entries: Anthony
    1. Active from Jan meeting 10 2020
    4. You can subscribe to events (tagged with #cal-notice) 
    5. Automated email sent 1 day before event.  Will also send more personalized note.
  2. DWG meetings for 2019/2020
    1. Next week – Dec 20 – will be last meeting of 2019
    2. DWG meetings will restart Friday Jan 10 2020
  3. V2.0 release status: Pam/Joe–
  4. New External chaincode builder and launcher documentation merged:
  5. New External chaincode as a service documentation:
  6. Fabric 2.0 Upgrade process docs: Joe
  7. MSP Key Concept updates: Pam


  1. WRT to using GitHub instead of Gerritt, Joe talked about the need to squash commits and that line lengths can now be > 80. In fact that is recommended for easier reviewing in Github.
  2. Chris asked about the Fabric broken links Jira FAB-17235 - Getting issue details... STATUS . One thing to be aware of is that the new Azure pipeline build process for the docs is not checking for broken links. The gerritt pipeline did include some tooling for that, but it never really seemed to fully work.
  3. Reviewed new Fabric beta docs (links are listed above ^). Start with What's new and release notes for a list of what is deprecated.
  4. Nik showed the new Test network tutorial that is published under Getting Started.
  5. Pam showed the latest updates to the MSP key concepts topic.
    1. General agreement around duplicating the Identity classification content here even though it is also in the Ops Guide.
    2. Chris pointed out that we need to describe the relationship between the MSP and the CSR in the Fabric CA server and client – probably need to add this to the MSP topic in the Operations Guide. There was acknowledgement that Ops Guide MSP topic also needs to be revisited. 
  6. Also a good discussion from Chris around how there is NO documentation in Fabric on how to configure an Intermediate CA. This is a barrier to adopting Fabric. Suggestion was made to open a Jira and lets get some help from the right minds on this.
  7. Joe showed the new Hyperledger Fabric v2.0 Beta Release documentation
    1. What's new
    2. Release notes:
    3. New test network now available in Fabric samples!!!
    4. Upgrade instructions now available off the main toc
    5. Chaincode External builder and launcher
    6. Chaincode as an external service:
  8. Pam showed the latest updates for the MSP key concept topic:
    1. requested that workgroup review again and see if it helps
    2. OK to duplicate the section on Identity classification here although it is also in the Operations Guide? General agreement this is useful.
    3. Chris Gabriel pointed out that there is more information needed about the config.yaml file - likely in the MSP Operations topic - which explains the importance of and the relationship between the Fabric CA Server and Client and the CSR.
    4. General agreement that we need to update the MSP Operations Guide topic as well. Next task once we settle on the MSP Key Concept topic.
  9. Chris pointed out the lack of Fabric documentation around how to configure an Intermediate CA with a Fabric Root CA and pointed to the questions in the RocjetChat #fabric-crypto channel around this. He demonstrated how he reverse engineers some of that process using the logs in the VSCode extension. Suggestion was that he start a Jira requesting that this information be added to the Fabric CA Operations Guide and we start the discussion there to get the right people involved. He said this is truly a barrier to adopting Fabric.

Video of this week's session at: Recordings

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