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DescriptionBlockchain Web UI

Hyperledger Explorer aims to create a user friendly web application for Hyperledger to view/query blocks, transactions and associated data, network information (name, status, list of nodes), chain codes/transaction families (view/invoke/deploy/query) and any other relevant information stored in the ledger.

Key Characteristics


Current project proposal is available as a Google Doc.

Project Management


Explorer uses Gerrit. There is a mirror on GitHub.

License Scans


Mailing List

Chat (for questions and ephemeral discussions)


We have daily stand up meeting every weekday from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM EST.

Join Skype Meeting

Join by phone:

    • 1 (212) 855-5000 (DTCC)                    English (United States)
    • 44 (020) 7650 1500 (DTCC)                                English (United Kingdom)  
    • 02 865 7999 (DTCC)                            English (United States)  
    • (91) 44-6691-7701 (DTCC)                 English (United States)  
    • China (Toll Free) : 4001-204833       English (United States)
    • Find a local number

Conference ID: 457578906


  • Proposed by Christopher Ferris (IBM), Dan Middleton (Intel) and Pardha Vishnumolakala (DTCC)
  • Approved by the TSC on August 11, 2016

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