Hyperledger Explorer was moved to EOL status by the TSC on 12 May 2022.  You are welcome to use and contribute to this code, although the maintainers may or may not be responsive to any questions you have.  You would also be welcome to help reactivate this project if you are interested in continuing development of this code.

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DescriptionBlockchain Web UI

Hyperledger Explorer aims to create a user friendly web application for Hyperledger to view/query blocks, transactions and associated data, network information (name, status, list of nodes), chain codes/transaction families (view/invoke/deploy/query) and any other relevant information stored in the ledger.

Project overview
(Click above thumbnail to navigate to YouTube video introducing Hyperledger Explorer project at Blockchain Tech Fest 2020)

Key Characteristics

  • Hyperledger Explorer supports the following blockchain platforms:
    • Hyperledger Fabric
    • Hyperledger Iroha (Alpha release yet)
  • For Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Explorer supports the features:
    • Admin credential can be retrived from Fabric CA if you have
    • Can manage additional users via User management function
    • Support mTLS connection to Fabric network
    • Can enable HTTPS on website
  • Container image is available


You can refer the latest document on ReadTheDocs. And the original project proposal is available as a Google Doc too.

Project Management



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  • Proposed by Christopher Ferris (IBM), Dan Middleton (Intel) and Pardha Vishnumolakala (DTCC)
  • Approved by the TSC on August 11, 2016

How to get involved

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This is an open group and anyone is welcomed to get involved.
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