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Hyperledger Indy Network Tools - Indy CLI Commands

> indy-cli --config cliconfig
indy> pool create testnet gen_txn_file=pool_transactions_testnet_genesis
indy> pool connect testnet
indy> wallet create my_wallet key
indy> wallet open my_wallet key
indy> did new metadata="new did with no privileges"
indy> did use <type first letter of new DID and then press tab> 
indy> help
indy> pool list
indy> wallet list
indy> did list
indy> ledger <tab><tab>  (shows command hint) 
indy> ledger help (shows commands detailed help)
indy> ledger nym help 
indy> ledger get-nym did=<your DID>   (shows that your DID is not on the ledger)
As728S9715ppSToDurKnvT is a Trustee on Indicio TestNet

Hyperledger Aries

Starting up the toolbox

cd ~/git-hltraining/aries-toolbox  # Or whichever directory you've cloned the toolbox to while following prerequisites
git checkout main
git pull
npm install
npm run dev

Starting up the agents

cd ~/git-hltraining/aries-acapy-plugin-toolbox/demo  # Or whichever directory you've cloned the plugin to while following prerequisites
git pull
git checkout hl-workshop
docker-compose -f docker-compose.alice-bob.yml up --build


When running docker-compose (or other docker commands), you may need to prefix the command with sudo if it initially fails due to permissions.

The above command would then look like:

sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.alice-bob.yml up --build

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