Pre Phase 

  • Logo/badge HL Fabric documentation contributor

During Phase

Blog (written by Fabric doc team)

How to video (Fabric doc team)

Email campaign (HL staff, repurposed blog content)

Social (HL staff, repurposed blog content)

Meetups (have each language lead speak to relevant meetup group – for example, Renato sharing about PT translation at Brazil meetup)

Promotion on Hyperledger site (HL staff)

Recognition (Fabric doc team to consider how to recognize community members who translate docs)

Post Phase

Blog (written by Fabric doc team)

  • Summary of work that has been done
  • Shout outs to any leading contributors 
  • What work still needs to be done (if necessary)
  • The future of project, what's next

Owners, Deliverables & Timelines

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Docs teamBlog post #1

Docs teamHow to video

HL staffEmail campaign #1

HL staffSocial posts 

Docs team/HL staffRecognition
Fabric doc team to consider how to recognize community members who translate docs
Docs teamBlog post recap

Blog and Video Outlines -->

Blog Title: Hyperledger translators In their own words

Blog Post Structure

  • The international language workgroups
    • What are they?
    • Why are they important?
    • What do they do?
  • The story of the people
    • Start with Chinese team, Rich Zhao with first translation in 2018?
    • Quite for a while 2020... then Aneena, Renato, Tsujita-san
    • Maria, Ourmar, Arseney...
  • Short Promo Video (details below)
  • Call to action
    • How to get involved
    • Video of how to contribute
    • Other projects!

Promo Video Structure

  • Concept is video of translators, each speaking in their own language
    • Rich Zhao (China), Aneena (Malayalam), Renato (Brazilian Portuguese), Tsujita-san (Japanese), Maria (Spanish), Oumar (French), Arseney (Russian)...
  • Answer a set of standard questions that we can edit together
    • What's your name?
    • Who do you work for? (Company, institution or independent)
    • Which country do you come from, and which languages can you speak? (List as many as you would like!)
    • Why is Blockchain important? (1 sentence)
    • Why is translating important, in general? (1 sentence)
    • More specifically, why is it important to translate Hyperledger Fabric into your language (3 or 4 sentences)?
    • How do you collaborate with other people in your language? (5 or 6 sentences)?
    • Which topic did you most enjoy translating, and why? (Topic name, and 2 sentence reason)
    • What does it feel like to see your words in a translated topic?
    • What advice would you give someone who wanted to get started with translating?
    • Say "I'm inviting you to translate"!
  • Edit answers into 60 second promo video
    • Translate each answer
    • Might be nice to present in multi-lingual form
      • Maybe just some, rather than all?
      • Form below is basic concept, but needs to be coherent for each language reader

  • Pointers to next steps
    • Documentation
    • Sign up at Linux Foundation
    • Workgroup links
    • Rocket Chat
  • Guidance for Promo video contributors (thanks to Vladimir Alekseev for these)
    • You should answer in your NATIVE language
    • Questions follow blitz format so all answers should be short: 1-2 phrases, 15-20 seconds per question max.
    • Please name the question first, then pause and answer – needed for further convenience in video production
    • Basic principles for making video:
      • Light background (wall) is better
      • Quiet place unfortunately is a must – voice recording is VERY important here (inside your house/apartment is ok)
      • Camera should be on the eye level (tripod is the best option, but you don’t have it – you can easily engage your family to make more fun!)
      • Record upper part of your body
      • It’s better to choose more dark colours for clothes (pure black is not recommended as it’s not convenient in video production; brown, dark blue, green, red or purple is much better)
      • Clothes style does not matter (I do not think that anybody will decide to wear a tie..)
      • Please make horizontal recording
      • Please do Not put any light at the back, it’s much better to put light on you, as speaker, if possible
      • You can make 10 different recordings (1 recording for question) if it’s more convenient, or 3, or any number - your convenience is more important
      • Smiiiiiiiile :)
    • Other
      • Your speech will be cut to make mesh between different people and will be duplicated by subtitles, so please provide the translation to English.

Contribution Video Structure

  • Walk-through contribution process
  • Kindo-san's diagram is helpful:

  • Steps in Video
    • Fork i18n repo
    • Clone to local machine
    • do local build, and show
    • Make small change in branch
    • rebuild
    • send to your fork
    • Create PR
    • Wait for approval
    • Show in published documentation
  • Call to Action
    • Join a workgroup
    • Make a pull-request for your favourite language
      • Look at current issues list
    • Look at instructions
      • Pointer to docs

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