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Basic Info


Please input your name before the meeting 


  • Hyperledger booth at consensus 2020 (check ur email);
  • Maintainers please help review the intern candidates;
  • Haitao Yuewill demo the setup workflow at next weekly meeting
  • Haitao Yue Tong Li help evaluate to migrate to materialUI from AntDesign framework;
    • Tong Li we are using Uniijs 2.x now, and it's difficult to upgrade to the latest 3.0; Suggest we consider to move to MaterialUI+React (instead of Umijs+AntDesign+React), which is popular and good for mobile-first;
    • Nancy Min We've used materialUI and feel it's smooth;
    • Haitao Yue it needs time to switch to new UI framework; AntDesign is good in use and has efficient libs; Umijs is for packaging and routing;
    • feng yang If the functionalities are OK, we can continue with the existing solution; It should be no problem to switch the framework in future;
    • Haitao Yue and Tong Li  have agreed with: Haitao Yue will try to upgrade Umijs first.
  • UI development training session @Haitao & @Fengyang at next weekly meeting.
  • User dashboard API design spec to review/update.
  • Haitao Yue will design the new workflow for the user dashboard (support HLF v1.4 and HLF v2.0?)
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