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Hyperledger Caliper Project

Community Regular Meeting
May 22, 2019 (9AM – 10AM UTC)
via Zoom


Antonio Russo, Nick Lincoln, Yu Pan, Qinghui Hou, Attila Klenik

Proposed agenda items

  1. Deprecating the old Fabric adapter
  2. Modularizing the core package 
  3. Brainstorming about how a useful Caliper UI would look like
  4. Being more strict about GitHub issues

Agenda discussion summary

  1. Deprecating the old Fabric adapter:
    1. Reasons:
      1. It is hard to maintain the code-base, the CCP adapter is more concise and delegates most of the work to the Fabric SDK
      2. A lot of Github issues are related to the old adapter, and these issues are not present in the CCP adapter
      3. Resolving/answering these issues takes considerable effort, which would be better spent on new features
    2. Proposed plan:
      1. Deprecate the adapter package by renaming it to something like fabric-deprecated and removing it from the docs
      2. Rename the current CCP package to fabric
      3. Remove the tx-mode related codes from the main Caliper flow
  2. Modularizing the core package
    1. This is an important pre-requisite for defining a clean API and starting semantic versioning
    2. The flow, monitor, client and reporting parts must be made more object-oriented and decoupled as much as possible
  3. Gathered some high-level requirements that would be useful for a Caliper UI (preparing for the internship project)
    1. One important part is easing the configuration and launching of Caliper, including clicking together simple example networks
    2. The other aspect if providing real-time feedback about the status of the measurement rounds, including metrics directly observed by Caliper
    3. It is important not to re-invent the wheel of metric collection and visualization since mature toolsets already exist (Prometheus, Grafana, etc.)
  4. The GitHub issues must be consolidated:
    1. Most of them relate to misconfiguration issues, and more importantly, issues of misconfigured backend platforms
      1. These must be delegated either to the mailing list or rocket chat
      2. Or the forums of the related backend platform
    2. GitHub issues should be used only for identified bugs and feature requests
    3. The FAQ docs must be kept updated with relevant troubleshooting information 
  5. Discussion about the Ethereum adapter
    1. The PR is raised, but some polishing is still WIP
    2. After that, documentation will be provided
    3. Compare/converge the functionalities of the Burrow adapter, and the soon coming Fabric-Solidity support

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