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DescriptionHyperledger Avalon enables privacy in blockchain transactions, moving intensive processing from a main blockchain to improve scalability and latency, and to support attested Oracles

This project is currently in end of life  state. Depending on your needs, please refer to one of the following projects instead:


Key Characteristics

  • Hyperledger Avalon leverages the existence of a distributed ledger to:
    • Maintain a registry of the trusted workers (including their attestation info)
    • Provide a mechanism for submitting work orders from a client(s) to a worker
    • Preserve a log of work order receipts and acknowledgments
  • Hyperledger Avalon uses the  Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification  defined by Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Task Force as a starting point to apply a consistent and compatible approach to all supported blockchains


Project Management



Mailing List

Chat (for questions and ephemeral discussions)


  • Developer Community Meeting is held biweekly on Tuesdays starting 2019-10-29. Timings for different timezones :
    PST(UTC-7:00)  07:30 am
    EST(UTC-4:00)  10:30 am
    IST(UTC+5:30)  08:00 pm
    CST(UTC+8:00) 10:30 pm
    CET(UTC+2:00) 04:30 pm
    • No meeting 2019-12-31. Next meeting 2020-01-14


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