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  1. Will opened the meeting and reminded everyone that is being recorded, and then read the Linux anti-trust statement.

  2. Role call of members (others joined the call later);
    1. Vipin Bharatan - Involved in Hyperledger since 2015.  Ex-BNP Paribas and is now an independent consultant.  Run the identity working group in Hyperledger and launching the capital markets SIG.  Concerned about how the SIGs and working groups can progress and contribute.
    2. Vitaliy Chernov was re-joining the call having attended earlier calls.  He now has a solution in operation and is looking for people to participate in trials
    3. Bobbi Muscara from the HyperLedger Learning Materials Working Group. 

  3. Updates on forthcoming presentations
    1. Marco Polo  - There is a call scheduled next week to speak about a possible presentation
    2. Digital Asset - There is call with the DA rep in London to secure a presentation from them
    3. Digital Currencies and their use for trade finance - I am speaking with representatives in the BoE about presenting
  4. Quarterly Report
    1. Discussion of draft Quarterly report; https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/TFSIG/July+2019
    2. Will stepped through the items in the draft quarterly report 
    3. The key focus was on the attendance at calls which has fallen to around 5-7 on each call as opposed to 15-20 earlier in the year
    4. Will noted that this had worsened slightly since daylight saving clock changes in Europe - although this could be a coincidence
    5. Although meeting attendance is falling, email list service is growing steadily with 2-3 members joining each week and hardly any leavers
    6. Our group focus has been on presentations - other groups have worked on white papers and projects
    7. Bobbi noted that many groups worked on white papers.  Will responded that many members belong to potentially competitive organisations which limits the scope and incentive for cooperation.  We would need to identify areas of common interest and look to increase membership to do this.
    8. Vipin explained that the architecture working group use a trade-finance use case for privacy requirements.
    9. Vipin also explained how the identity working group launched projects such as Indy. He also noted that there needed to be real industry sponsorship as there had been in telecoms SIG. Bobbi noted that the public sector group are trying to create sets of standards for the implementation of blockchains in public sector in different countries.
    10. Enrico suggested that the group could adopt a "standing conference" creating a repository of;
        1. Use cases
        2. Presentations
        3. Who is doing what
    11. This idea gained a lot of interest and approval from the group.  This could be a place where people who are starting to work on trade finance would go to find out what is going on
    12. Call timing - Vipin explained that he did two calls on the same day with the same agenda, but the attendance was not increased by much.  Dropping the second call increased membership on the first.
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