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Assessment of group health
Basic health indicators are good;
o    Meetings are taking place as scheduled every two weeks
o    Agendas and notes are kept
o    Recordings are linked to the wiki

Attendance at the meetings has declined slightly from 20 at the early sessions to 15, through to 7 at a recent meeting.  This may have been caused by time differences as we moved to summertime in different parts of the world.
Membership of the email list service continues to grow, with 2-3 new joiners each week and few leavers

Issues being faced by the group
o    Address declining attendance on the calls

o    The activity is focussed on presentations by group members and guests.  We need to decide as a group whether we wish to move beyond this towards the kind of collaborative working that other SIG groups have done.  It may be that the make-up of the membership means that this is not feasible.

Summary of activity in the past quarter
o    Keynote presentations from group members and guest members

o    A run-down of latest news from the world of Trade Finance Blockchain

o    Overview of the entire HyperLedger product and toolset

List of planned work products
o    Survey to establish more information about the group membership and objectives for the future (underway)

o    Specific presentations on trade finance platforms and interoperability

Assessment of participant diversity (consider several factors, including organizational, geographic, gender, and skill level diversity)
o    Organizational;  most attendees on the calls are from the software industry or consulting

o    Geographic;  Europe, East Asia, South Asia and North America are represented on most calls.  No representation from Africa, South America or Middle East

o    Gender; Although the make-up is predominantly male, there are female members of the SIG. Active participation is more evenly split.

o    Skill level.  There is insufficient information to assess skill level.  Knowledge levels vary, but in a constructive way as the meetings feature a lot of knowledge sharing.

Any additional information
o    The next quarter will be important for the group to define the way ahead.  If we wish to continue as an presentation-based information sharing group, then we need to build a strong forward schedule of presenters.  If we seek to participate in cooperative working (e.g. co-authored papers or joint projects) then we will need to put in place the structures to initiate these.

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