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  1. SIBOS
    1. Hyperledger have a booth at SIBOS location E105
    2. If you are a member or part of a member company and want to volunteer then get in touch with Marta
    3. There are demos from the members
    4. Marta is speaking @ 3pm on Tuesday in Room 3 (CS_CR3) "Hacking the Block Chain: Old threats to a new paradigm"
    5. There should also be some case-studies; details to follow
    6. On Wednesday there is a happy-hour for members
    1. Based around the question "what are the next steps for the Trade Finance Working Group"
    2. The earlier discussion raised the options of interoperability, or an improved taxonomy
    3. The aim of the white paper would be to give the SIG some purpose and create some momentum.  This approach has worked well with other groups. 
    4. This specific white paper would address the problem that terms are used loosely without proper definition
    5. Bobbi has created an initial page that covers key terms.  It has had some early work.  The link is here;
    6. The proposal was to work on the taxonomy page and then build it towards a white paper.  This had some support on the call.
    7. Bobbi proposed that the wiki could be developed towards a blog post or article as a first step towards a white paper.
    8. Alsu & Bobbi volunteered to connect and get the work moving. The first step is to define a framework and allocate some tasks.  Marta offered support from Hyperledger as well.
    9. We will check on progress within the next meeting in two weeks.
  3. AOB
    1. On Sept 26th the call for papers for Hyperledger Global Forum in March 2020 closes.
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