1. Use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio for recording your screen and/or camera.
  2. Use FlowBlade for cuts/editing (which you will need for anything longer than a couple of minutes)
  3. Use either FFmpeg (CLI) or handbrake (GUI for ffmpeg) to compress/re-encode videos if needed (not needed if you only upload the videos to YouTube).
  4. Contact Hyperledger Staff about publishing videos to the Hyperledger YouTube channel, they are very helpful!
  5. Rehearse it once or twice: You'll most likely not going to get it right on the first take. 
  6. Timestamp/date & specify the versions of software you are using/demonstrating in the video. 
    1. The content will still be outdated after some time, but it won't become incorrect (as opposed to if you said "the latest version of X")
    2. Could even help with legacy projects years later.
  7. Do not assume that the things you do every single day are easy for everyone.
    1. Try to look for ideas in daily chores/tasks that feel simple (to you) but could be difficult initially to others

Example Video Tutorial - Pull Request Conflict Resolution (5 minutes long)

Content Ideas

  1. Getting started videos for contributors per specific projects
    1. Environment setup videos - even if there are docs about it some people prefer video so it's worth the extra effort to produce the video covering the same topics
  2. Film someone going through the tutorial from A to Z. Sometimes you see something written but you are not sure how to interpret what is written or the output.
  3. User community / developer community / operator community => focus on these different areas with specific intent
  4. First time contributors do not understand a lot of times what the DCO means or what it is for.
  5. List of reasons to contribute, how to become a contributor and showcasing the process elements of it
  6. Short(er) video on the mentorship program (there is a longer one, but people don't necessarily watch it)
  7. Orientation to Hyperledger as a starting point. People see the list of projects and their head just spins. Succinct videos about how to get started with each project.
  8. How to convince your management team to contribute. Developers who'd want to be contributors to a project or maintainers: how should they approach the conversation.
  9. We can prepare a video to navigate within Hyperledger Foundation resources
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