As a way to start generating discussion, we created some mockups of what the new Project content on the site could look like.  Below are mockups for a new main Projects page and an example of a page about one specific Project.

Proposed Projects Page - Replacement

  • This gives priority placement a small number of featured projects and gives secondary placement to the other projects.  Featured projects are graduated projects with active communities that the Marketing lead thinks we should highlight.  Hyperledger's Marketing lead looked at the analytics on the site and people don't spend long on any one page so we need to make the information as easy to digest as possible.  So this design intentionally limits the information we're providing to prevent people from feeling overwhelmed at trying to process details about all of the projects at once.
  • Note that combining Indy and Aries into one description was an attempt to limit the number of descriptions on the page but it might be more confusing this way.  Another option is to list just Aries as a featured project and then Indy would be clearly related to Aries on the Aries page.
  • This has a richer project description than the current site – descriptions show without needing to click on a logo, there is space for tags and a Resources drop down for direct access to project links.
  • This has a link to a Getting Started guide which would be a new page that helps people navigate to the projects that meet their needs.

Proposed Getting Started Page - New

The goal of this page is to present a lot of detailed information about projects to help people find the one that is right for them – for example, I want a project that supports a specific token type and a specific form of consensus.

Proposed Project-Specific Pages - Replacement

  • This has a section that sorts links by different personas (Developers, Users, Business Analysts) to make it easier for people to find what is relevant for them
  • This has a new 'Related Projects' sidebar that can link to the other projects that work with this project – currently the Landscape and Project pages don't create any connections with projects that are related.  The marketing recommendation is to list no more than 3 related projects.  For projects with more related projects we can add a link to the Getting Started guide which would have a full listing of all compatible projects.  The proposed project relationships to include are below.
ProjectRelated Projects
AriesIndy, Ursa
BesuBevel, Cactus, Caliper, Firefly
BevelBesu, Fabric, Indy
CactusBesu, Fabric, Iroha
CaliperBesu, Fabric
FabricBevel, Cactus, Caliper, Firefly
FireflyBesu, Fabric
IndyAries, Ursa, Bevel
IrohaCactus, Ursa
SawtoothTransact, Grid
UrsaAries, Indy, Iroha
  • This has a section for tags if we want to use those for projects
  • We should probably remove the Upcoming Events section since we don't have an easy ability to keep that content current for all project pages.

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