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Microsoft Word Document Introduction to Hyperledger v1-2.docx Mar 12, 2021 by Helen Garneau

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  1. Here are a couple of thoughts about Figure 1 – the Hyperledger Greenhouse Structure image.

    We should consider having multiple images that each can capture a different point about Hyperledger's projects. On a recent DevRel call people pointed out that there were 3 different ways the greenhouse image is being used and one image can't fully capture details about each of those uses.  One use was providing a high-level overview of the community to new people, one was helping people understand what the DLT options are and why they would pick one vs another, and a third way was to show how projects relate to one another – such as Indy and Aries being connected.

    And for using the greenhouse image as an introduction to the community, I think it needs to be simplified.  The current greenhouse image has 16 project logos.  This is an overwhelming amount of information for new people and it makes it harder to get involved.  There is research that shows that giving people too many choices makes it harder for them to make decisions and makes it painful to sort through all options.  I would recommend simplifying a version of the greenhouse image to show only the active projects (currently there are 7).  People can learn more about the rest of the community after getting this high level introduction and it can incentivize projects to go through the process to get declared active.