Recommendations: PLEASE ADD YOuR IDEAS

  • Create Github Templates project for each phase of the Project Life Cycle
  • Create User Guides for Maintainers 
  • Tokenize successfully achieving a Best Practice badge for documentation

Meeting with Tracy


Determine the makeup of GitHub Repo's along the Lifecycle

Determine what's included in UserGuides for Project Maintainers 

Determine Where to store/access the Template

Create Templates or Edit

Templates for lifecycle 

Incorporate AI Workflow 

CACti: 1. Starting the work on the new documentation website (which is based on the recommended documentation template of Tracy)

**** Cacti is applying for graduated status - rthe task force can assist in documentation

NameEmailFocusTaskTime Zone and call Preference
Morning EDT
Afternoon EDT
Mid Afternoon EDT
Early Evening EDT
Evening EDT
BobbiBobbi@mcrell.comPMOrganize Group
Gianlucagianluca.posta78@gmail.comMenteeContributeCEST Time Zone, Morning EDT call preference

Project Plan (Draft):

  • 2/3 weeks training:

    • GitHub Course on Udemy

    • check existing documentation about three stages of the projects (proposal/lab, incubated, graduated)

  • 1 week design: get first design feedback (from Tracy)

  • 1 week review:

    • design review

    • documented review

  • 2 week demo review: 

    • implement a partial demo

    • documented review

  • implementation


NLP Model learningRecurrent Neural Network prototype on Linux NotebookWeek 5: August 1 - August 7Done
Generative Model learningGenerative Adversarial Network prototype in Google ColabWeek 6: August 8 - August 14Done
GPT Model learningGenerative Pre-Trained Transformer Model learningWeek 7 - week 10: August 15 - September 5 Done
GPT Model implementationGenerative Pre-Trained Transformer Model implementationWeek 13 - week 17: In Progress
DocumentationWhite paperEnd of November

PresentationSlidesEnd of November

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