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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, which project you represent, your role in the project and what your interest is in the Hyperledger security process effort.


Arun S M

Ry Jones

Danno Ferrin

Arnaud J Le Hors

Hitesh Sharma



  • Welcome
  • Scoring guidelines for blockchain projects in Hyperledger Foundation.

  • Review comments/discussions on https://github.com/ossf/security-reviews
  • Review checklist for reporting vulnerabilities. Covers both the project team and an external member.

  • Open agenda

Next Meeting

Future Topics


  1. Waiting for the proposal on scoring guidelines ~ today's meeting agenda will be carried over to 25th Feb.
  2. Question for discussion: signing artefacts policy and reproducible builds.
  3. Policy for dependent license checks.
    1. External agency - Check once a quarter.
  4. Look into score card - from OpenSSF https://github.com/ossf/scorecard .

Action items

  • Checklist for members to follow while reporting vulnerabilities.
  • Questionnaire to report vulnerability  ~ calculate CVE score. Danno Ferrin
  • Define scoring guidelines for blockchain & non-blockchain projects in Hyperledger Foundation. Hart Montgomery