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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, and what your interest is in the Whitepaper effort.


  • Welcome
  • Review last meeting
    • Whitepaper elements
    • Landscape review
    • Charter Updates
  • Next meeting deliverables

Previous Meeting Summary:


Charter Update: Please continue to add your thoughts/edits. We'll hand off to the Governance Board for further review in the upcoming week so they may reconcile these edits.

- Intro Whitepaper: Please edit this document, focusing on the project sections (pages 23-32)

- Greenhouse Image: Arun is working with David to embed a version of the "card view" from the new project landscape on the main page in the wiki as well as inputting PRs to CNCF for a few items that would make the cards more of a comprehensive entry point for developers.

Marketing is also working on some further enhancements to the 'Use' dropdown menu item on the www site, to make it a little easier for those new to Hyperledger to find/filter projects by industry/category.
- Action item: Please add help us populate this spreadsheet with information you'd like to see included. I'll especially need help to show which projects are commonly used in conjunction with one another (columns F, G, H)

Arun also has a wireframe of a 'stack' image that may be a better way to display the project logos. Once we have the spreadsheet (above) finalized, we can take a crack at finishing the wireframe layout and will get out to the Task force for review.


  • Landscape review
    • Punchlist of further changes to be made
      • To be added: Horizontal view with summary
      • Further categories in a 'stack' formation

        Hyperledger AriesLibraries / Component Libraries
        Hyperledger QuiltLibraries / Component Libraries
        Hyperledger TransactLibraries / Component Libraries
        Hyperledger AvalonTools
        Hyperledger CactusTools (Interoperability or Integration?)
        Hyperledger CaliperTools
        Hyperledger CelloTools
        Hyperledger ExplorerTools
        Hyperledger BesuDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger BurrowDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger FabricDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger IndyDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger IrohaDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger SawtoothDistributed Ledgers
        Hyperledger GridDomain-Specific
        Hyperledger UrsaLibraries
  • Whitepaper Update
    • Emily Fisher
  • Next steps Charter Updates 
    • Brian has reviewed and reconciled edits
    • Summary of changes presented in slides to Governing board
    • Outstanding items to address 
      • Mission Statement
      • Use of "multi party systems"


  • Charter:
    • Hart has further suggestions: governing board 'open'. Daniela will address
      • Look at how to present parts of discussions out to community
      • Published (redacted) minutes-?
  • Landscape:
    • Tweaks
      • Clean up repetitive use of Hyperledger on card mode
      • Make cards display bigger?
    • Categories- hold pending new projects coming out of labs
  • Whitepaper
    • Edits to draft outline
      • Help provide content/tools to present to internal stakeholders

Action items

  • Arun S M - continue work on horizontal card layout
  • Helen Garneau - lock down charter for further edits until reconciled
  • Emily Fisher - continue to draft Whitepaper - (any edits from group most appreciated)