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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, and what your interest is in the Whitepaper effort.



  • Introductions?


  • Welcome
  • Review last meeting
  • Format of information (w/ Ali Rowan)
  • Next meeting deliverables

Previous Meeting Summary:

  • Deck
    • Goal
      • Flexible format-set updates- how to deal with updates as it goes (potentially not as many new projects?)
        • Working to modify to make ‘badges’ to identify updates
        • Visual timeline for each stage they go through ‘incubation to active’ - status for each project - (update language?)
        • Manages expectations for stability
        • Quick way to fill in blanks
        • Think visually- how to do interactively?
        • Dynamic
    • Audience
      • Intent should be to eliminate confusion of projects 
        • What is this
        • How to relate
        • Where do I start
      • What do people need to know? 
        • General intro
        • Something easy to grasp for anyone
        • Further detailed information to spell out differences of frameworks
      • Resource for general overview (+1 should be first thing to see)
        • How to spend their time
        • Direction on where they can go
      • Where to put technical v non
        • Do we need 2 papers
        • Technical and business use
      • Intro whitepapermore dynamic, option?
        • Update website?
        • Interlinks? 
        • Something more interactive
        • How many views current paper has?
  • 4/9
    • need image to easy update
    • Lots of info in one place, not different areas
  • Basic Whitepaper?
    • Vision/mission/what is Hyperledger
  • Instead of greenhouse/stack/landscape
    • Place projects where they belong
    • Besu- protocol etc...big picture
  • Member summit:
    • Brainstorming: multi-party systems/role HL will have in that area
    • Describing what MLS is, use cases etc
    • Think of tie between tie between projects and how they play in that arena
    • Previous chose your own adventure efforts: choose your own adventure” tool:
  • Choose your own adventure tool
  • Greenhouse origin
    • Metaphor: place for projects to grow
    • Messaging may has evolved/may not make sense?
    • Complicated image?- new types of projects hard to organize
  • Greenhouse good
    • Natural, grows
    • Need to get out of the greenhouse, still strong
    • But open the doors and let projects come out
  • Greenhouse fine
    • Concept is more important as a concept than an image
    • Some categories don't make sense ie quilt
    • Other useful categories: Stand alone tool/library, some not meaningful
    • Descriptions under all of the categories like description under logos in ledger
      • Need to be weary of putting too much, but make it interactive, can give higher view, get as much
  • UI
    • Need to click on graphics to take to more information
    • would need to outsource to create interactive web experience to move from image map
  • Discussion on CNCF Landscape Layout- to replace greenhouse
    • Filters- be savvy with tags
    • Click on more info
    • Github to updates- easy way
    • Csilla to provide demo of landscape 
  • Hyperledger Annual report layout- to replace Hyperledger Whitepaper

Different audiences to serve better

  • People looking at HL is understanding which to use: general enterprise/government audience interested in blockchain, but with enough information and direction (w/ links to projects, etc.) for technical people to find it interesting enough

Types of content (business content, technical content)

  • Page 1: intro to HL: High level, Stack/types of ledgers
  • New contributors- completely new
    • Participate page
    • Can be overwhelming, how to give sign post, understandable map
    • Above projects "what is a project", categories, other SIGs/WGs/Highlevel
  • Are you technical/not
  • Are you familiar with HL/not
  • Experienced community members, trying to build and make connections between projects- already familiar with it
    • Technical audience may want something further
    • Can get into the details
  • Business user/non technical/interested in HL/DLT
    • To get different info
      • Business content: Use cases, business education content- understand dependency between projects
        • Click on project and see other dependencies 
  • Developer content: Landscape/projects, how related, SIGs/WGs- get started

Next steps

  • How to get buy-in from maintainers, previous flat presentation to show people
    • Want numbers to grow? 
    • Connect with maintainers: 
      • Email List
      • Attend calls for projects
      • Present numbers on growth/shrunk, with what collateral, what we haven't tried - question adoption "should something be done"
      • Are projects at a place where you want them to be

Possible Formats

Next Meeting Deliverables

  • Interface wireframe

Action items

  • Csilla Zsigri Csilla to share demo of landscape work she is doing
  • Helen Garneau  Sort entry points between Business/Technical interest into shared doc
    • Projects + labs + WG + SIGs / Usecase, webinars, meetups,