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The Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group invites partners from industry and academia to submit proposals to be considered in Guest Speaker/Solution Brief/Proof of concept/Reference Architectures.

We are particularly interested in topics related to the use of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts technology in Telecommunications, Networks, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing.

Read more about how to submit your idea or project to the group.

Benefits for You:

1- Take advantage of sharing your blockchain efforts with the Hyperledger community and on Hyperledger's channels which reach over 100k followers on our social media accounts. 

2- Discuss and develop your ideas with a network of industry and academic leaders who are interested in collaborating with others on applying blockchain in the telecom space.

3- The Hyperledger community is structured so that you can learn from others in the community and you're also able to connect with people who are interested in learning from you.

4- Hyperledger runs a yearly paid mentorship program that community members are encouraged to create project proposals for.  All accepted projects will get the support of Hyperledger staff with finding a mentee and paying them for their work on that project.

Accepted Contributions:

1- Technical Talks

2- Developing use cases into White Papers

3- Hyperledger Labs support for open source contribution

Possible Themes

  1. Software Defined networking (SDN)/NFV and blockchain
  2. 5G and blockchain
  3. Open RAN (O-RAN) and blockchain
  4. Enhancing Security in Telecom Domain and blockchain
  5. IoT and blockchain
  6. Roaming and blockchain
  7. Private 5G (Small Cell) and blockchain
  8. Digital twinning and blockchain
  9. Edge Computing and blockchain
  10. Cooperative and Connected Mobility with blockchain
  11. Inter-Carrier Settlement/ BSS
  12. Counter-fit or Fraud Prevention
  13. E-Sim security using Blockchain
  14. Telecom Protocols for Blockchain
  15. Reference Architecture for Blockchain
  16. Telecom User Group( TUG )use cases with Blockchain

Telecom SIG previous Publications:

 1. Optimizing Wholesale Intercarrier Settlement with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

 2. Decentralized ID and Access Management (DIAM) for IoT Networks

Current Collaborators:

Linux Foundation Networking

Linux Foundation Edge



University of Delhi

CONNECT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

Open for:

  1. Universities
  2. Startups
  3. Telecom Companies
  4. Standardization Bodies

Proposals should be submitted electronically online via email to


Papers and Presentations

The Telecom Special Interest Group shares about what is happening with blockchain in telecom through the publication of papers and by hosting presentations.  Both of these are shared on Hyperledger's channels to promote the work of the group.

If you are interested in working with the group on what you are doing with blockchain in the telecom space, we encourage you to reach out.  We are able to help you raise the visibility of your work by making use of all of Hyperledger's channels, including Hyperledger's Twitter account with 65k+ followers, Hyperledger's LinkedIn account with 30k+ followers, and an active website.

Example of a published paper:

Example of a presentation:

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