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  • Transforming the Edge to a Virtual Cloud using Hyperledger Fabric
  • AnyLog is a software agent deployed on edge nodes. These nodes become members of a decentralized, self-managed and secure network that is optimized to manage distributed edge data and resources - using virtualization, applications extract real time insight from data distributed at the edge without centralizing the data. In addition, AnyLog manages and monitors all the distributed edge resources as if they are a single machine.

    Hyperledger Fabric serves as a shared metadata layer allowing all the nodes of the network to process data as a single unified machine. The shared metadata is organized on Hyperledger Fabric in the form of policies that determine how nodes operate. Some examples: 1) Very similar to an optimizer in a DBMS that determines, per query, which indexes to use, nodes register policies describing the data that they store, such that when a query is issued, the policies determine the nodes that participate in the query process. 2) When a new schema is created, it is registered as a policy on the blockchain such that all the nodes processing the same type of data will use the same schema. 3) Messages are signed by the sender’s private key. To process a message, the processing node will use the sender’s policy to retrieve the sender’s public key and authenticate the sender. Using permissions policies, the processing node validates the sender’s permissions.  

    This approach is very efficient – queries are sent to all nodes with relevant data and results are aggregated using a MapReduce like process. However, the nodes participating in each query are determined (based on policies) dynamically per query. As there is no limit on the number of nodes in the network, each added node increases the distribution of the data and the degree of parallelism such that performance and scaling can be adjusted dynamically.

    Today, the edge does not offer data services (similar to what the cloud is offering). Managing data at the edge is based on proprietary multi-months projects.

    Using policies published on Hyperledger Fabric – users configure on each node the rules that determine how the node process data, but they do not need to specify how processing is done. With this approach, and as new nodes reuse existing policies, AnyLog replaces these projects with a Plug & Play software that addresses the technical challenges that companies are facing at the edge, and makes all the edge data available to the applications (at the edge and the cloud) without moving the data, in a secure way, and without a single line of code.

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