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  • Alexandros Psychas, Technical Coordination at Pledger
  • Dr. Ariana Polyviou, Blockchain Governance at Pledger

  • Nikolaos Kapsoulis, Blockchain Governance at Pledger

About the Event:

  • Establishing Service Level Agreements Self-Assessment on Blockchain:
  • With a vision of massive SLA Self-Assessment adoption in future Internet ecosystems, this approach presents an honest SLA intelligence solution with native operational transparency and privacy by leveraging the endorsement of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) by permissioned blockchains. The SLA assessment intelligence is completed within enclaved smart contracts that are isolated from other on-chain parties activities. The produced solution approach constitutes a permissioned ecosystem where the SLA contract entities commonly agree beforehand on all the respective SLA intelligence rules, while the deployed SLA Self-Assessment scheme constantly audits the corresponding SLA metrics based on these pre-approved regulations.

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