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  • Blockchain Data Coordination and Incentives in P2P Networks:

    Data distribution in Peer to Peer (P2P) networks is a well-studied concept in the literature, with Gnutella being an example of a network offering such services. They can be analysed from multiple perspectives such as performance, topology, and incentives. In this work we are interested in incentivising data distribution with economic rewards. A lack of economic incentives can lead to P2P networks having difficulty scaling. The solution we propose uses a blockchain as a coordinator of P2P networks in order to add economic incentives for data transfers and remove the problem of Sybil attacks.

    We also discuss the emergence of high performance public blockchains over the last two years. These are characterised by high transaction volume, low fees, and data storage capability. We discuss different approaches and their challenges from a telecommunications viewpoint. Such blockchains are good candidates for a coordinator of other P2P networks.

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