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  • Madhusanka Liyanage, Dr.Sc.Assistant Professor / Ad Astra Fellow at School of Computer Science,University College Dublin, Ireland and Docent at Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Finland.

About the Event:

  • The Role of Blockchain in Private 5G Operators Realization: 5G is a promising technology which has promised to support different verticals and novel applications such as Industrial Internet of Things IoT (IIoT), smart cities, autonomous vehicles, remote surgeries, virtual and augmented reality and so on. However, these verticals have a diverse set of network connectivity requirements and sometimes it is challenging to deliver customized services for each vertical by using a typical wide area 5Gnetwork. Thus, the operation of Local 5G operator (L5GO) networks or private 5G networks are considered as a viable option to tackle this challenge. A private 5G network is a localized small cell network which can offer tailored service delivery for a localized eviourment. The adaptation of network softwarization in 5G allows vertical owners to deploy and operate such private 5G networks. However, the deployment of private 5G networks raises various issues and challenges related to the management of subscribers, roaming users, spectrum, security and also the infrastructure. In this talk, we will discuss these issues and challenges and propose possible solutions by using blockchain-based platforms. A set of blockchain-based modularized functions such as service rating systems, bidding techniques, selection functions, can be used to deploy different services on private 5G networks. The exploitation of blockchain technology ensures availability, non-reliance on trusted third parties, secure transfer payments and to gain many more advantages in the context of private 5G networks.

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