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  • Shamit Bhat, Interoperability Solutions Director GSMA and Monique J. Morrow, Sr. Distinguished Architect, Emerging Technologies, Syniverse Technologies

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  • GSMA-DLT Shared Vision for the Telecom Industry: The GSMA-DLT shared industry vision evolves around the key tenet that Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT cannot be assumed as siloed and certainly involves other business technology enablers. 80% of the discussions must be business focus and 20% technology focused. The ecosystem is multi-stakeholder in nature including Opcos, Wholesale Carriers, Banks, Mobile Players/Enterprise and Policy Makers. This presentation emphasizes DLT opportunities for the Telecom Industry and provides a clear roadmap for moving from POCs to commercialization with demonstrable proof points to maximize impacts for some key use cases.

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