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Guideline: Any member of the Social Impact SIG may propose a draft proposal for the SIG to consider by creating a new row below using icons, filling out the row entry appropriately, and publishing it. Once done publishing, send an email to SIG Chair for inclusion into the agenda for the next SIG meeting.

Steps to get Started with Projects (after expressing interest):

  1. All members may edit the home page of their project(s) with their thoughts on description, scope, and share their email addresses
  2. Someone among the group takes lead and sets up an initial call or web conference call to finalize and agree on scope, deliverable(s), timeline, and divide up the work. To schedule meetings, work with community architects to schedule it on our Hyperledger Zoom: You can reach them at (please copy Hyperledger POC
  3. Note: it need not be a single leader, you can lead on a rotation basis for two weeks, or a month duration as your team sees fit.
  4. Everyone starts to work on their piece and upload their work product to wiki and link it in the group's project home page (by creating a sub-page to this main page). 
  5. The leader's role is to setup regular progress calls if needed, and aggregate everyone's inputs including their own into one or more deliverables, and report progress the main group's bi-weekly calls

Proposal IDProposer (One person)Date SubmittedDescription (max 500 words)Interested MembersProject Home Page 







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