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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct.


Alicia Noel

Nancy Min

Dr. Jubilant Kizhakkethottam

Jerrin Sebastian

Sherwood Moore

Danilo Altomar

Aneena Ann

Robin Klemens

Elisabeth Green

Shawn Wilborne


Randy Givens



  • 2021 SI-SIG Roadmap:
    • Upcoming Presentations
      • Oct. 12 - Climate Action SIG on new Corporate Social Responsibility project - opportunity for cross-collaboration
      • Oct. 26 - Hardik Gupta, Madhu Bhatia from The Giving Chain
        • - GoFundMe link is still active. Also using Linux Foundation crowdfunding page for investors.
        • Will include a discussion of best practices for a new project, especially as related to Firefly
      • Nov. 23 - Yoma Project
      • Dec. 7 - Rutgers Blockchain Group - Emily Hsiao will give a group overview, Sivani Divakarla will discuss a project she's doing with a professor to aid social workers and children in the foster care system
      • Ideas for future presentations
        • Textile space??
        • Marc Liberati - Climate project ideas and feedback. Possibly November?
    • Hackathon
      • Proposing a Worldwide Hackathon
        • Update: Arun from Hyperledger India is getting involved. They are trying to create an out-of-the-box hackathon model that can be recreated.
        • Replicate India Hackathon on a global scale, include Hyperledger Africa, Hyperledger India
        • Need to find a time that works for ALL of the SIGs
          • Next cross-SIG meeting is in September (Sept. 30?).
          • David Boswell is coordinating
        • Emily Hsiao of Rutgers Business School Blockchain Hub told Alicia Noel that they would like to be involved. Alicia invited them to attend a SIG meeting to learn more.
    • Blogposts
    • Community Outreach
      • Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)
        • Promote Shawn's blogpost - scheduled for end of September/beginning of October
        • Promote Bobbi's blogpost when and promotional video it goes live
    • Climate Action SIG presentation on new Corporate Social Responsibility project (Sherwood Moore and Robin Klemens)
    • Agriculture Sub-SIG intro
      • Team from Saintgits Blockchain Labs, Saintgits College of Engineering (Kerala, India)

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