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Meeting Recording


Agenda & Notes


Introductions: Who's new to the group or call?

Call Leader
  • Ariana Fowler (Unicef Innovation) and representing for Christina and will be participating in the future. 
SIG SurveyAll

Event report out

All Anything to share from recent blockchain+impact events you've attended? nothing of note to share. 
Article DiscussionLeila

The digital identity working group is currently drafting a whitepaper ( . There may be some opportunities to collaborate.

World Economic Forum commissioned a paper with Accenture on digital identity with great content for those who are interested (

Libra is real challenge and fb has a lot of baggage but this could be positive to mass adoption. 

It would be interesting to see if there will be less visibility in the entity moving forward. 

This can alter governments.

Libra implications of world currency is staggering. Private entities and shareholders could have great influence on global commerce. 

Some SSIG members are also interested in values of non financial and financial capabilities to create landscapes/ecosystems of trust and where values can be interchanged. Values that might be expressed in terms of value (e.g. education). So not only converting fiat currency to cryptocurrency for say scholarships but also to exchange non-monetary value. 

Reaching out to new membersTemplate Invitation to Join Hyperledger Social Impact Special Interest GroupCall Leader

How about each person send 2 emails before our next call inviting a new person to join our group?

Any other Business?Anyone

Share any comments, ideas, announcements, upcoming events.

Upcoming events:

Blockchain for Social Impact- Global Hackathon.

Bobbi Muscara  please share link for Princeton blockchain social impact project for folks who want to participate. 

Action items