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Meeting Recording


Agenda and Notes


Introductions: Who's new to the group or call?

Call Leader

Review Outstanding Action Items

Call Leader

LFID: Quick review on how to set up, more detail here: Setting up an LFID

Adding to SI - SIG Directory


Survey: Need to draft email to send outKaren

Who would like to volunteer? Bobbi Muscarato draft

Other SIGS: What are they working on?

Supply Chain project proposals: SC-SIG Project Proposals

Public Sector Whitepaper

Healthcare Subgroups HC-SIG - Healthcare Interoperability SubgroupHC-SIG - Patient SubgroupHC-SIG - Payer Subgroup

Supply Chain Project Proposals SC-SIG Project Proposals

Identity WG Whitepaper


Reaching out to new membersTemplate Invitation to Join Hyperledger Social Impact Special Interest Group

KarenHow about each person send 2 emails before our next call inviting a new person to join our group?

Event report out: Anything to share from recent blockchain+impact events you've attended?

  • Blockchain for Social Impact
    • Not a lot of NGOs represented
    • Emphasis on crypto philanthropy
    • Working group activities—brainstorming use cases in several sectors
    • Blockchain in latin america projects
  • InterAction Forum
    • CEO/COO of Ngos (Interact, usAID, Pact etc)
    • Innovation track–no discussion of blockchain
    • Big gap in operational/implementers and blockchain community
      • why? risk averse? not ready? what are the issues? too early?
      • not enterprise wide, most projects too early pilot stage
      • add into thinking of broader digitalisation efforts
    • >>Opportunity for us to act as bridge? What can we as a group do to make the value proposition clear

Libra Association Announcement: What is it? What does this intend to do? Who is involved and why? What does it mean for our sector?

Ran out of time, moved to the next call

Action items