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Meeting Recording:

Attendees 16-19 total

  • Karen Ottoni

  • Caine Smith

  • Bobbi Muscara
  • Alissa Worley, Accenture

  • Kiran

  • Brad Mulley, GaiaChain, london

  • Bala Chuppala, GoodChar

  • Steve Magennis, Accenture

  • Brian Iselin, Slavefreetrade

  • Marc Liberati, UN Volunteers Germany, WG

  • Mahesh, World Bank Innovation Lab

  • Stephen Chiu

  • Kumar Kodati, GoodChar, Hyderabad

  • Venkata, Accenture GoodChar

  • Rishi, Goodchar

  • Matt Rosen, TraceRx

  • Bruno Vavala

  • Marcus Brandenburger


    1. Introductions: Who's new to the group or call? Let's get to know each other and what we're working on in the 'blockchain for impact' world

    2. Presentation: Charity Management project by Pradeep Pentakota from goodchar. Track every penny/asset at the last mile digitally and record the donated asset transactions immutably by using Hyperledger functionalities.

    3. Proposal: SIG Survey to learn more about what everyone wants to get from the working group.

    4. Admin: Wiki walk through

    5. Miscellaneous: Share any comments, ideas, announcements, upcoming events


  • Goodchar presentation
    • Description: GoodChar is on a mission to solve the lack of trust, transparency which we have on Charity Organisations by tracking every donated asset digitally and recording the transactions by using HyperLedger Fabric. Our Vision is to see every penny being efficiently utilised.  
    • Charity fraud is common goodchar aims to help with this
    • They have a mobile app with a dashboard proof of concept
    • Use Hyperledger Fabric, couchDB and mongoDB for off chain data
    • A voice announces in the local language the donation someone is to receive and then biometric data is gathered on the recipient
    • Test project with India Literacy Project
    • need for research in leakage in charity
    • Next step is establishing a donation tracking ecosystem
    • You can find the Goodchar presentation slides here
  • Community Survey proposal
    • Idea is to send a survey out for quick feedback from the community on interests, motivations, goals, work products
    • Want to understand our community as it exists today better, will include opportunity matrix topics and opportunity to suggest others
    • →Volunteers: Caine Smith, Bobbi Muscara, Marc Liberati, Brad Mulley
    • → NEXT STEPS: start a draft list of questions on a wiki page and share with community for input

Action items