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Discussion items

5minAntitrust notice

5min Introductions from new people to the call George Spasov Limechain

Discuss newly added use cases - roadmap to implement them

Propose any other use case candidate

We decided to follow the bicycle use case for our SC templates because it is coming from real world paradigm so people can have a good

grasp of the different aspects and is well described on the paper

We dicussed about the annotated bibliography and decided to keep them on the wiki so they can be indexed and seperate them by year

(currently the articles kelly added are all 2019) even if we add them to another tool in the future

15minDiscuss blog post

We decided to use the mind map for the blog post 1) to describe a real-world use of it like in an agile team (kelly - sofia) and 2) the research perspective (sofia - kelly)

5minAnything not on the agenda

Audio Recording