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  • Progress with the smart contracts Use Case

Discussion items

Antitrust Notice

40 min 

Propose a new Provenance use case

Discuss working on new work products or existing ones

Research perspective for smart contracts opinion paper

Sofia will add two use cases, one for an asset proving it's origin (i.e. furniture) to use it for interoperability purposes on multiple frameworks and maybe connect it with BC ID, and one for a final product made from other intermediate ones (i.e. a bicycle) which will serve for track and trace smart contracts

Kelly will add a use case witch involves proving the identity of BC users which then can be connected with other use cases and smart contracts

Other ideas for use cases are welcome, they should be common for people to understand them easily and ideally to be able to give them as open source and gather real life data if the end users consent to this. If there are open data and we can make use of them, then this would be ideal for a use case

Sofia will ask Ry for a repository on github, to add use cases and code which will be produced

10 minDiscussion for a blog post
Our blog post will be using the mind map and how this mind map can be used to create a smart contract
5 minAnything not on the Agenda

Audio Recording