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Discussion items

5minAntitrust Policy - Intoductions

50min Smart Contracts templates  New people were on the call so most of the meeting was about showing them around the wiki and the working products. They all got informed for the Taxonomy (Review) and the White Paper (Draft) and were kindly asked to contribute, many of them expressed their interest. They also got informed for the presentation of the taxonomy ver 1.0 to an upcoming TSC meeting and they were invited to attend. All are welcome to contribute to the wiki, papers and taxonomy, only an LFID is required. Saptarshi offered to send some links and initial work regarding the energy market place. Michael will attend the presentation of the Taxonomy to the TSC. Robert wanted to know the orientation and goals of the group and Kelly inquired some clarifications regarding the kind of contribution to (almost) finished products. 
5minAny subject not on the agenda

Audio Recording

Smart Contracts Working Group audio recording