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Discussion items

5minAntitrust Policy
 5minIntroduction from people new to the call 
  • Sumit Kumar
  • Salakhiev Kamil Soramitsu Blockchain Team (Iroha)
  • Todd Little Oracle Blockchain team

Discuss Work Products

  • Start new work product based on taxonomy ver 1.0
  • Discuss Supply Chain SC progress by Marco Carvalho
  • Discuss new paper by CERTH

Marco changed the menu structure according to the taxonomy ver 1.0 created by the group earlier. This way we can start building on these subjects. He also added his 101 smart contracts page.

Sumit is a blockchain enthusiast, he is interested in blockchain and smart contracts.

Todd who works for Oracle Blockchain offered to add content about security regarding the smart contracts, which is his (and teammates) main research interest. Two pages were created by Marco for this reason.

Kamil offered to add content about their research on smart contracts regarding adding a smart contracts engine on Iroha which is currently a work in progress for this framework.

Sofia presented the main content of CERTH's paper about Smart Contracts in e-government which will be uploaded as a contribution to Hyperledger community in a couple of days. She invited everyone to contribute, comment, add more use cases and maybe collaborate to start an original research on what it deals with.

Everybody agreed to start working on standards about Smart Contracts and interoperability, define methods, content, framework etc and then describe them on specific business and use cases.

10minAny subject not on the agenda

Audio Recording