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Discussion items

5minAntitrust Policy
 5minIntroduction from people new to the call 
 David McLaughlin introduced himself 

Discuss Work Products

  • Smart Contracts Taxonomy Categories
  • Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases
  • Smart Contract Language Review (WIP)
  • Contract Law 101 [DRAFT]

David is a business expert interested in Smart Contracts in the supply chain industry.

We discussed the new page about Smart Contracts in several Use Cases for different

business scenarios and industries. David was also interested in the law contracts and

legality of agreements, as well as traceability in the supply chain. We discussed the

page Paul started about Contract Law 101.

David said he will inform his colleagues who have a technical background to attend

next SC meetings.

There were no other people to the call, so the meeting ended.

10minAny subject not in the agenda

Audio Recording

Meeting 10_April_Audio