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  • Clarify ambiguous concepts on the mind map
  • Remove redundant or unnecessary concepts
  • Members undertake to present their field of expertise

Discussion items

5minAntitrust Policy

5minIntroduction from people new to the call  
5minDiscuss last meeting's and Paul's comments
Create a 101 law smart contracts section. Re-send invitation for law representatives to join the group. Proposed to Paul to create a 101 law SCs page.
25minDiscuss SCs Concept Map
Concept map was not discussed in detail due to too few people in the call. Some concepts where refined.
10minDiscuss presentations about SCs
Maybe later.
10minDiscuss WG dissemination activities and next steps
Send invitation to other groups to join.

Audio Recording

Link for Audio Recording here

1 Comment

  1. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions raised on this call. I've started a Contract Law 101 page and will start populating it over the coming weeks.

    I will need lawyers from other jurisdictions to complete the jurisdictional specifics of that page as I will focus on the common law principles of contract law. The Norton Rose paper I linked earlier did provide some comparative law which is an important factor as most, if not all smart contracts are going to be used in a multi-jurisdictional network.

    At this stage, it might be better if I run with this first so other lawyers will have an idea of how much/little detail we need and the type of analysis required to make this relevant to the dev community.

    I don't think there's any value producing a comprehensive overview as there are plenty of materials online so the purpose of the 101 should be limited to flagging the main themes and encouraging people to look deeper into the key issues. If I can get devs to realise the differences between actual contracts and what they call "smart contracts" the 101 would have achieved its main goal.

    If anyone has suggestions for the types of topics they'd like covered, please let me know.

    Sorry I can't make these meetings - I'll be travelling in Europe in May so hopefully I'll find some time to attend then!