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Please send me a message or an email for any additional agenda items you would like to add for next meeting.



  • Discuss Wiki's page structure for Smart Contracts categorization
  • Volunteer for specific activities (i..e. state of the art, gather existing research) regarding taxonomy
  • Discuss existing White Papers - existin Work on Smart Contracts
  • Discuss and vote for day - time of meetings

Discussion items

3minAntitrust Policy

10min Introduction from people new to the call All 
20minDiscuss Wiki's page structure for Smart Contracts categorizationAll

Sofia explained the goals for categorization which are to enumerate categories and recognize their relaions.

Silas proposed a white board. Silona recomended a Gliffy. Silas created the gliffy and people added some

main categories, concepts and relations. Everybody will continue adding their point of view and the concept map will be discussed during the next meeting in order to remove or add concepts and relations.


Discuss existing White Papers - existing Work on Smart Contracts


The group decided to create a separate page for existing work on smart contracts. Vipin and Sofia will add some papers about smart contracts. Everybody is encouraged to do so. Mic asked if we have law experts in the group (Silas has asked the same thing on the previous meeting). There are no law experts currently. Mic will contact a couple of people he knows. Silona suggested an open call to the TSC group to investigate possible interest, Sofia will send the call.


Discuss and vote for day - time of meetings

AllSofia reminded to the group the open doodle about the day/time of the meetings and asked everyone in the group to vote. Sofia asked if there is enough time until the 15th of March or it has to be extended, the group decided that the time is sufficient.

Audio Recording

Audio for meeting on