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Please send me a message or an email for any additional agenda items you would like to add for next meeting.



  • Set WG's priorities for the next quarter
  • Set WG's starting work products

Discussion items

2 minAntitrust Policy

10 minIntroduction from people new to the callAll

20 min Discuss priorities and goalsAll

Smart Contracts Taxonomy

Spread the word about the WG

Recruit people interested in the group

25 minDiscuss Work Products to start withAll

Smart contracts taxonomy

State-of-the-Art Smart Contracts technology


  • Change "Law" area to "Compliance"
  • Add lawyers to the group's contributors


  • Let the two areas of interest as they are for now (Technology - Law)
  • Start with the Taxonomy as a first work product

Action items

  • Create a structured document in the wiki about "taxonomy" work product to support group members collaboration
  • Make a doodle for WG meeting day/hours

Audio Recording