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Hyperledger Supply Chain Special Interest Group (SC-SIG) Q2 Update

This is the inaugural quarter where we launched the supply chain SIG. We are off to a great start with 138 members and growing rapidly!

In a short amount of time, the SIG has kicked-off 7 different sub-group initiatives each with their own teams driving project scope, milestones, and results.  These groups are: 

  1. Use Case Repository Project
  2. EDI Supply Chain Best Practices Whitepaper
  3. Best Practices Tracking Goods, Documents, Assets
  4. Supply Chain Smart Contract Template
  5. Blockchain for Pharma & DSCSA
  6. Blockchain for Food Safety
  7. The inflow of Development Interest from SIG to Project Grid -

The Food Safety, Pharma, and Project Grid related initiatives have garnered the most amount of traction so far, and others are also making good progress.  

We have held 5 meetings so far each with their power-packed agenda, and meeting minutes/recordings that are archived for members here: Supply Chain SIG (scroll down to Meeting Notes & Recordings section). We have had 4 featured speakers so far talking about project GRID, food consortium, Food trust consortium, and integration of hyperledger fabric with GRID development project progress. We have an exciting line up of a few other featured speakers in August. 

What's Working Well

  • Bi-weekly calls are well received from all indications. SIG Chair regularly gets emails and follow up conversation invitations with ideas, thoughts from members. Also, there is a healthy influx of people wanting to speak as featured speakers, which is a good sign. 
  • New Member Introductions feature in every call is working well. It gives everyone a chance to get to know who else has joined the group, to see the strength and caliber of members. Also, we have a member introduction wiki page that people voluntarily add a few lines about their background, which facilitates collaboration.
  • Recognizing individual member's contributions who go above and beyond seems to be working well. We will continue to do so for those who show great leadership to drive initiatives. 

Issues being faced by the group

  • Due to the timezone issue, a number of people in APAC, Europe, and Australia aren't able to attend the bi-weekly calls. We have polled members about preferred time, but the best time by majority vote seems to be Thursday, 9 am PST. We will continue to monitor this issue. 
  • Sub-group initiatives are not scoped properly for appropriate milestones and end goals to bring them to close. Will need to work with sub-team leads to drive projects to closure.

List of planned work products

  • GS1 overview talk by Kevin Otto
  • Hyperledger Fabric integration with Project Grid talk by the team at Oracle
  • Food consortium best practices paper
  • Blockchain use case repository 
  • EDI best practices paper
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