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Meeting Agenda 

  • Mention Antitrust Policy
  • Introductions from people new to the group
  • Fast-HotStuff Consensus Protocol by Mohammad Jalalzai, UBC
    • Abstract: The HotStuff protocol is a recent breakthrough in Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus that enjoys both responsiveness and linear view change.  It creatively adds an additional round to classic BFT protocols (such as PBFT) using two rounds.  Despite its great advantages, HotStuff has a few limitations. First, the additional round of communication during normal cases results in higher latency. Second, the current version of HotStuff is vulnerable to certain performance attacks. To address these limitations, we propose a new two-round BFT protocol called  Fast-HotStuff, which enjoys responsiveness and efficient view change that is comparable to linear view change in terms of performance. Our Fast-HotStuff has lower latency and is more robust against the performance attacks that HotStuff is susceptible to.

  • Future roadmap for PSWG (discussion proposed by Sam, IBM)

Meeting Notes

  • See attached recording and slides




Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 9AM Eastern Time

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